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For  20 years, the residents of District 56 have been blessed with solid leadership under the representation of Philip Gunn. From dealing with the Economy, Education, Infrastructure, and all the issues that matter to Mississippi, each issue has been dealt with from a conservative perspective. It is my intention to represent the district following the same conservative Republican standards that have continued to move Mississippi in a positive direction.

Economy & Jobs

Continental Tire

Continental Tire, Nissan, and Amazon have been instrumental in continuing to grow the economies of Hinds and Madison Counties, as well as the State of Mississippi. Jobs are the lifeblood of a community. We must continue to seek and encourage investment into our communities.  

One way we can encourage that private investment is by having an attractive tax structure and a job friendly environment. I support low taxes and will work with state leaders to ensure Mississippi is always best positioned to support job growth and business development. As people flee left-leaning, high tax states, we must continue making Mississippi financially attractive to residents and businesses alike as other Southern states have been successful in doing.  


Excellence in education is in the DNA of District 56.  We are home to two of the top school districts in the State of Mississippi, Madison County Public Schools and Clinton Public Schools. We are also home to the oldest institution of higher learning in the State, Mississippi College, and great local private schools. 

As a heavily involved parent with children in local public schools I know that parents want their children to have access to the best teachers who are working every day to prepare them for life after school. Also, when parents send their children off to school they want to be confident that they will return home safely. I will always work hard to ensure our teachers and districts have the resources they need to keep our children safe and prepare them for college and careers.

Every child must have access to a quality education.   


Public Safety

Backing the Badge has never been more important to our communities. We must continue to support law enforcement to ensure they have the tools necessary to keep our communities safe.  

I stand with law enforcement and will work with municipalities, counties and residents in District 56 to provide resources to prevent crime and prosecute criminals. I will fight for policies that ensure criminals are punished for the harm they do to our communities and that victims' rights are never ignored. 


Infrastructure is rarely thought about, but few other issues have more of an impact on the quality of our daily life than the roads and bridges we transport our families on. If we are going to be successful in keeping the businesses we have and luring additional businesses to Mississippi, we must continue investing in quality roads and bridges.  

foster child

Foster Care

Foster Care is near and dear to my heart. We have had 11 foster children in our home and adopted one. It is one of the reasons I am running.  


I want to be a huge advocate for the foster care systems and the needs they have. We must protect our children, and you will hear much out of me on this issue.

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