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FFD Dispatched to Flora Semi Truck Fire

Flora Dump Truck Fire

There are heroes all around us.

Today, I was to have lunch with the Mayor of Flora, Les Childress. As soon as we walked into the restaurant a call came into 911 that a dump truck had hit a major power line, the driver had been electrocuted and the dump truck was on fire.

The Mayor looked at me and said we have to go. We got in his truck and in less than 60 seconds we were at Tri County Academy where the accident took place.

The Driver was still laying beside the truck and in no time volunteers had pulled him away from the fire. In just minutes the Flora Volunteer Fire Dept. was on scene.

I was able to see all the many hats a small town Mayor wears and I also saw many Heroes jump into action.

Pafford Ambulance treated the driver until the Air Ambulance could get to Flora from UMMC and the driver was airlifted back to the hospital.

Hats off to the public servants that showed up today for this victim. Please keep him in your prayers as he has a very long road to recover ahead of him.

I found pictures online and a full story below if you would like to read.

Flora Dump Truck Fire


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