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Speaker White Announces House Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs

Great Seal of MS

By Speaker Jason White

Speaker White shares, “It is with great pride that I announce the House leadership team for the next four years. The selections for Chairs and Vice Chairs directly reflect our desire and drive to elevate Mississippi. I am enthusiastic to work with these Republican, Democrat, and Independent Chairs and Vice Chairs as we address our State’s challenges and opportunities through a conservative lens to build a better, brighter Mississippi.”

Accountability, Efficiency, Transparency | Chair: Kevin Ford | Vice Chair: Daryl Porter

Agriculture | Chair: Bill Pigott | Vice Chair: Vince Mangold

Apportionment and Elections | Chair: Noah Sanford | Vice Chair: Mark Tullos

Appropriations A | Chair: John Read | Vice Chair: Angela Cockerham

Appropriations B | Chair: C. Scott Bounds

Appropriations C | Chair: Clay Deweese

Appropriations D| Chair: Sam C. Mims, V

Appropriations E | Chair: Karl Oliver

Banking and Financial Services | Chair: Shane Aguirre | Vice Chair: Andy Boyd

Business and Commerce | Chair: Lee Yancy | Vice Chair: Billy Adam Calvert

Conservation and Water Resources | Chair: Timmy Ladner| Vice Chair: Josh Hawkins

Constitution | Chair: Price Wallace | Vice Chair: Cheikh Taylor

Corrections | Chair: Becky Currie | Vice Chair: Charles Young, Jr.

County Affairs | Chair: Larry Byrd | Vice Chair: Troy Smith

Drug Policy | Chair: Stacey Hobgood-Wilkes | Vice Chair: Christopher M. Bell

Education | Chair: Rob Roberson | Vice Chair: Kent McCarty

Energy | Chair: Jeff Hale | Vice Chair: Tracey T. Rosebud

Enrolled Bills | Chair: Stephen A. Horne | Vice Chair: Rickey Thompson

Ethics | Chair: Vince Mangold | Vice Chair: Percy W. Watson

Executive Contingent Fund | Chair: Carolyn Crawford | Vice Chair: Hester Jackson McCray

Forestry | Chair: Ken Morgan | Vice Chair: Jonathan McMillan

Gaming | Chair: Casey Eure | Vice Chair: Jay McKnight

Housing | Chair: Carl Mickens | Vice Chair: Orlando Paden

Insurance | Chair: Jerry R. Turner | Vice Chair: William Tracy Arnold

Interstate Cooperation | Chair: Cedric Burnett | Vice Chair: Robert L. Sanders

Investigative State Office | Chair: Randy P. Boyd | Vice Chair: Dan Eubanks

Judiciary A | Chair: Joey Hood | Vice Chair: Shanda Yates

Judiciary B | Chair: Kevin Horan | Vice Chair: Jansen Owen

Local and Private | Chair: Shane Barnett | Vice Chair: John W. Hines, Sr.

Management | Chair: Manly Barton | Vice Chair: Steve Massengill

Marine Resources | Chair: Brent Anderson | Vice Chair: Jeffrey Hulum III

Medicaid | Chair: Missy McGee | Vice Chair: Clay Mansell

Military Affairs | Chair: Lester Carpenter | Vice Chair: Rodney Hall

Municipalities | Chair: Randy Rushing | Vice Chair: Ronnie C. Crudup

Ports, Harbors, and Airports | Chair: Jeffrey S. Guice | Vice Chair: Willie Bailey

Public Health and Human Services | Chair: Sam Creekmore IV | Vice Chair: Kevin Felsher

Public Property | Chair: Richard Bennett | Vice Chair: Gene Newman

Public Utilities | Chair: Brent Powell | Vice Chair: Jonathan Ray Lancaster

Rules | Chair: Fred Shanks | Vice Chair: Bryant W. Clark

State Affairs | Chair: Henry Zuber III | Vice Chair: Robert L. Johnson III

State Library | Chair: Karl Gibbs | Vice Chair: Stephanie Foster

Technology | Chair: Jill Ford | Vice Chair: John G. Faulkner

Tourism | Chair: Greg Haney | Vice Chair: Oscar Denton

Transportation | Chair: Steve Massengill | Vice Chair: Joseph Tubb

Universities and Colleges | Chair: Donnie Scoggin | Vice Chair: Gregory Holloway, Sr.

Ways and Means | Chair: Trey Lamar | Vice Chair: Jody Steverson

Wildlife Fisheries and Parks | Chair: Bill Kinkade | Vice Chair: Jimmy Fondren

Workforce Development | Chair: Donnie Bell | Vice Chair: Dana McLean

Youth and Family Affairs | Chair: Otis Anthony | Vice Chair: Kabir Karriem


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